istock_000003118029smallWho We Are

Greene Law, PLLC is a law firm providing corporate, tax, and securities law services to business and nonprofit organizations in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina (Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill) and beyond.

How We Practice

We believe clients engage lawyers to help them accomplish their goals. Good practice facilitates action by structuring relationships and limiting risk. It brings parties together and avoids surprises related to unstated expectations or unidentified pitfalls. And it puts people to work as employees and contractors with incentives and guidelines. This is how we practice.

Ethical Standards

Lawyers are advocates for their clients, guardians of a public trust, and practicing professionals. These roles may present lawyers with a variety of conflicts, privacy and other ethical issues. We seek to follow the highest standards of professional conduct and to be transparent and clear in our relations with clients.

Where We Are Licensed to Practice

Greene Law, PLLC is currently the solo practice of Herman F. Greene, Esq. He is licensed to practice in North Carolina, New York and Colorado. He also provides advice on the organization and conduct of business entities in Delaware.